Switch Gear Conversion
by Jeremy in Socal

Below is a write-up on how to upgrade to CBR600F3 swith pods:

Remove left side (engine cover) fairing, and remove one throttle cable.

Remove rightside inner fairing. Unplug wiring from harness, and unplug front brake wires from lever

Open up switch pod, and disconnect throttle cables from throttle tube (made possible by the first step).

Unscrew the cables -- there are 2 types of cable attachments here. one of them, the thumb nut screws into the pod. Unscrew this one first, and pull cable out. the other cable's housing screws into the pod. Loosen locknut (the thumb nut) and unscrew the cable housing.

The f3 wires are longer, and I elected to keep it all the same length as the stock vfr. So you cut the plug off of the vfr, and cut the plugs off of the f3 to the appropriate length. Another alternative to avoid cutting the wires is to try pulling the clips from the f3 connectors and click them into the vfr connectors... more on this later.

The following wires are the same (eg. connect the corresponding colors from vfr plug to f3 wires): yellow/red, black/red, blue/white, black/white

Connect the f3 black/white dot to the vfr green/yellow f3 black/yellow to vfr black connect the two f3 black/brown to the vfr white/green

That's it!

Jeremy in socal