Fox Shock Rebuild
by Dave Gowland
Fox Rebuild

Remove the shock and clean the outside . Measure the pre load on the spring
and length of the shock and write it down . Remove the bottom clevis .
Loosen spring tension till spring is free . Push bottom spring seat up till
you can see the wire clip and remove it . Slip seat and spring off . Loosen
the set screw in the end cap and turn the cap off ( its threaded ) . Now
let the pressure off the reservoir . Push on the air fitting till the
reservoir end is in far enough to remove the wire clip . Use pliers to pull
the end out . With the shock in the vise push down on the seal head till
you can see the wire ring and remove it .Now you can pull the shaft from
the body . Push the adjuster on the reservoir in till you can remove the
wire and that end will pull out . Piston in the reservoir will push out
either end now . When you disassemble the shock shaft set things out
carefully , draw a picture if you have too . When shims and piston are off
,slide the seal head and end cap off . Clean everything with a soft brush
and clean solvent . Change the seal and both o rings on the seal head . Put
new wiper in the end cap . Just put on what you take off being careful not
to scratch anything .


Clamp shock upright in the vise . Put valve assembly back in reservoir and
install the wire clip . Thread a .25 x 6'' bolt into the piston for the
reservoir in push it into the other end . Fill the shock with oil and
stroke the reservoir piston back and forth till no air bubbles in the shock
. Remove the bolt and install the air chuck end and clip . Put 50 psi of
shop air in the reservoir to hold things in place . Fill the shock almost
full of oil . With the shaft reassembled slip it in the body and work the
piston to get rid of the air . Keep the shock full of oil . When no more
bubbles push the seal head down . Oil will squirt out the side of it if you
have enough oil in the shock . When its down to the o ring release the air
in the reservoir . Push the seal head down the rest of the way and install
the clip . Put 50 psi back in the reservoir to push the seal head up to the
clip . Thread the end cap on tight and do up the set screw . Reinstall the
spring and clevis . I had a welding gas supply store charge my shock . A
hydraulic shop could charge it also if they fix accumulators . Tell them to
charge it to 300 psi , just release the shop air first .

Notes to remember

- Read the Fox manual ( ask Steve , he has it posted )
- Use 5wt oil meant for shocks , not fork oil
- There are 4 wire clips , 3 are the same and the big one is for the spring
- When installing the clips make *SURE* they are in the groves or when the
shock is charged parts will fly ( very bad <g> )
- Draw a picture or make notes because you will forget something or how it goes
- The shock piston has a few little hole on the top side , keep track its
easy to put on upside down .
- Clean , Clean , Clean

* I'm not a mechanic, just trying to help out . It was fun to do and cheap
also . The rebuild kit from Fox is 17.00 . You will be surprised at the
sediment that comes out of the shock . I personally am going to start fresh
each spring , you don't need the seal kit to change the oil if you are
careful . After you do it once its easy to do in less than an hour .

Good Luck
Dave Gowland