Louder Stock Exhaust
by Steve Pruett

Here is the instructions on how to trash your stock exhaust...and make it louder..;)-

1. Drill out the 3 rivets on each exhaust can. They are located on the top and bottom and the wheel side of each pipe. I used a 3/8" drill bit because I wanted to make sure all of the rivet was gone.

2. Work end caps off. I used penetrating oil around the edge of the endcaps and stuck a screwdriver in the center pipe for a lever. I didn't plan on re-using the stock endcaps. The endcap will be rusted in place, so getting them off may
be tricky (no shit!!).

3. When you finally get the cap off you will see it has a small 1" round and 4" long extension pipe sticking out of the center. This needs to be removed if you are going to use the stock endcaps. The muffler can diameter is 3 7/8", I have
not found anything I can use for an endcap yet.

This is how I did it (your method may vary with tools and experience): To remove the center of the stock endcap I drilled 1/4" holes in the endcap around the center extension piple. I drilled the holes close enough together so I could cut the material between them with a tin snips. After I removed the center pipe, I bent the remaining material around the center of the endcap back with a pliers. I bent the material back to the point where the endcap is contoured for the center pipe.
4. Clean and paint the endcaps to suit. I used High Temp flat black engine

5. Slide the caps back and secure them to the muffler. You can use several methods including riveting, expoxy (high temp), welding...ect...

6. Enjoy the sound of your "new" exhaust.

Here is a sound comparison of stock vs modified. Enjoy!
You shouldn't notice any performance gain or loss with this mod. It is all about the sound man....