Custom Gearing
by Steve Fischer

Ever wonder what going up or down a few teeth on your sprocket would do to your bike's performance? Just converted the rear wheel and now you need custom gearing to compensate? GearCalc and a little math is all you need.

Download the GearCalc program from this website, or from Input the transmission reduction values (also on this website for the VFR700 or found in your shop manual). Determine the circumference of the tire you’ll use (Dunlop's website shows the diameter for their tires—simply multiply that by 3.14159)*. Enter the data into GearCalc and, voila!, you get a chart showing the rpm vs mph for each gear with any given sprocket combination!

* For those of you with delusions of mathematical genius, don't confuse this formula (2•Pi•R) with the formula to get the area of a circle (Pi•R2)! I know because I made that mistake.

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