Linkage Differences
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The 87' shock arm (larger "L"-shaped piece) is 5mm longer eye-to-eye than the 86'. The shock link has an identical dimension for both years. The difference is that the 750 has a much sexier cast piece while the 700 has a welded-up piece made out of tube and flat stock. The 87' shock spring has a "free length" that is 13mm (163mm vs 150mm) longer than the 86'. I don't know that the 87' shock is actually any longer overall. I just installed an 87' shock arm w/the 86 shock. I rode the bike yesterday for the first time in 4 months (I live *way* up north) and didn't notice
anything untoward.

If anything, I think that the longer lever of the 87' shock arm helps compensate for (excessive) compression damping of the 86' shock to give a bit more compliant (softer) ride. I think that this combo lowers the rear ride height slightly by raising the swingarm; maybe 5mm or so. Based on my observation, I think that, if the 87' shock is longer, using it w/the 86' shock arm would raise the rear ride height.

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