DynoCalc 1.1
DynoCalc determines horsepower by measuring the time to accelerate and to de-accelerate a known weight, such as a car or motorcycle.

DynoCalc takes the time to de-accelerate the vehicle from a high speed to a low speed and uses this information to establish the drag characteristics on the vehicle; wind, rolling resistance, etc. DynoCalc also takes the time to accelerate the vehicle from a low speed to a high speed and used this to calculate the force provided by the engine. DynoCalc uses this information, with the laws of physics, to calculate horsepower. DynoCalc is best suited to determine and track relative horsepower. For example, how much horsepower is gained from a performance upgrade. Runs with any version of MicroSoft Windows

Courtesy of Iron Jungle Software, this horsepower calculator is FREE!!!

If you use it often, please let them know how you heard about it and purchase a license.

Windows 95/98/NT/3.x DynoCalc 1.1 (244k)